Friday, July 18, 2008

English Language Week 2008

The English Language Week started from 14th-18th of July and H.O.T.S THO has had the privilege to do the opening ceremony.
(round of applause,Ladies and Gentlemen!)

The members that were involved in the opening ceremony of the English Language Week were:-

~*~Nurul Iman~*~
-Representing an English girl dressed up in ChongSam(Chinese costume) and speaking in Tamil.

-Representing an Malay girl dressed up in English clothing and speaking in Chinese.

~*~Ming Chau~*~
-Representing a Chinese boy wearing a Jeepa(Indian Costume)and speaking in Bahasa Melayu.

-Representing an Indian boy wearing a Malay outfit ans speaking in English.

After the banner was presented,the ceremony was followed by a presentation by the choral speakers.The activities of the English Language Week was announced after the performance.Activities held during the week:
  1. Essay writing
  2. Spelling Bee
  3. Quiz
  4. NIE Fashion design(clothing made out of newspapers)
The opening ceremony by the H.O.T.S THO was a great success and it's all thanks to our H.O.T.S THO drama teacher,Miss Elena(or Miss E for short) and all those who participated and helped out in the English Language Week.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

H.O.T.S,SMK Tun Hussein Onn

It's finally opened.The SMK Tun Hussein Onn's House of Theater Society(HOTS) blog.