Friday, August 8, 2008

KARMA(on Hari Kokurikulum)

On the 7th of August,HOTS THO has performed "KARMA IN INDIA" in the SMK Tun Hussein Onn Hall.We were glad to inform that our show was a great success,thanks to all our members' hard work and team work and not forgetting our directors guidance,Mr. C and Miss E.

On that morning,the main actors and actresses arrived in school around 6:15a.m to get prepared for the event.Everyone was warming up their voices and practicing their lines as they put on their Indian costumes and make up.

Miss E helping Brenda to tie up her hair


Say ah....

Busy Busy members...

We had two shows.And we managed to put up two great shows for the audience and they loved it.After each show,we had lucky draw and some of them took turns to announce the lucky number drawn by some of the teachers present there.

And after everything was over...PHOTO TIME!!!

It was an event never to be forgotten.The memories,shall be cherished and it is impossible to forget.And the most important thing is we enjoy what we do!FLY HIGHER!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen...

Welcome to the world of Karma;a world destined by men's own past actions,resulting in their own fate.

Karma;a satire of two women;Lady Saroja Vdevi,the wealthy,arrogant and self-centered,ill-treating Anggama,the humble,patient and sub-servant.

One must never be too steadfast about what fate observes.

As the wheel of life rotates,what goes around,comes around...


A play by House of Theater Society-HOTS
Coached and directed by: Elena and Mohamad Zulkurnain

  • Venue : SMK Tun Hussein Onn Hall
  • Date : 7th August 2008(In conjunction with SMK THO's Hari Kokurikulum)
  • Price : RM 5.00 (per show)
  • Get your tickets from all HOTS members
  • Great lucky draw prizes to be won
  • Everyone is invited
  • Do not miss this wonderful event
  • Tickets are sold in coupon cash