Friday, August 1, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen...

Welcome to the world of Karma;a world destined by men's own past actions,resulting in their own fate.

Karma;a satire of two women;Lady Saroja Vdevi,the wealthy,arrogant and self-centered,ill-treating Anggama,the humble,patient and sub-servant.

One must never be too steadfast about what fate observes.

As the wheel of life rotates,what goes around,comes around...


A play by House of Theater Society-HOTS
Coached and directed by: Elena and Mohamad Zulkurnain

  • Venue : SMK Tun Hussein Onn Hall
  • Date : 7th August 2008(In conjunction with SMK THO's Hari Kokurikulum)
  • Price : RM 5.00 (per show)
  • Get your tickets from all HOTS members
  • Great lucky draw prizes to be won
  • Everyone is invited
  • Do not miss this wonderful event
  • Tickets are sold in coupon cash

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We will be there.

Yes! SURE!